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  • Reset for Summer:  5 Day Cleanse & Ayurvedic Self-care Program


Reset for Summer: 5 Day Cleanse & Ayurvedic Self-care Program

Reset for Summer: 5 Day Cleanse & Ayurvedic Self-care Program

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REQUIRED: Please select your cleanse start date. Minimum of 2-day notice for all orders. *Note*: 5-day cleanses can only start on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In the event of a holiday, your start date will default to the next available day.


Are you stepping into Summer feeling heavy, bogged down, congested, foggy headed, and fatigued? These are all signs of the qualities of Spring that we may have brought with us into the new season. Biologic+ has teamed up with Farmtrue to create a wellness kit to support you in feeling more vibrant, clear, energized, motivated and light! 
Farmtrue is an Ayurvedic lifestyle company based locally in No. Stonington. Ayurveda is a sister-science to yoga and works with the 5 elements of Ether, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. From these elements, Ayurveda gives us a tool bag to find balance with diet and lifestyle practices for balance in body, mind and spirit. 
Our Wellness Kit includes self-care practices for radiant skin, digestive ease and mood support. You'll enjoy one day of kitchari, and Ayurvedic staple dish made of basmati rice and mung beans with our spice blend, a 3-day juice cleanse, and one more day of kitchari. 
This process will ease the body into detoxifying and shedding the layers of Spring to support us in thriving for Summer! Our digestive fire is actually the lowest during these warm months because our bodies are trying to keep us cool. It's the perfect time of year to lighten up our diet and enjoy the bountiful fruits and vegetables the Earth is providing. We'll give our digestive system a break so our bodies can have an easier time breaking down lingering, built up toxins in our system. 
We're in this together! Join us for 5 days of rejuvenation, lightness, and detoxification. 
What's inside? 
Tongue scraper
Neti Pot
Nasya Oil
Garshana gloves
Hydrate Body oil
Cooling digestive tea
Kitchari spice blend
Pulling oil mouthwash
9 oz Traditional ghee 
Meditation candle 
Nourish stick 
Recipe and instruction cards for all of the above!
Ayurvedic quiz to learn more about your Doha

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