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Who do we work with to obtain the freshest produce? 

Biologic+ is continuously working on building a strong relationship with local farmers to secure the freshest, organic, highest quality produce there is.  We are directly involved in the selection, production, and shipping process of our juices and raw food.  Preserving the integrity of our product is our utmost priority!

Where is Biologic+ located in relation to the local farms?

Our B+ location couldn’t be better.  We are surrounded by beautiful ocean and are just minutes away from excellent farms.  The benefit of having our Biologic+ in CT farm country is to be able to build a closed loop relationship with our farmers. 'We stand by our farm to juice and compost to farm concept’.  Yes!  We take our compost and send it back to the local farms for fertilizer! J

What is B+’s philosophy?

Our efforts are focused on promoting local farming and minimizing our environmental impact while crafting amazing juices and raw food.  We believe in a healthy lifestyle and that includes our environment!

What type of bottles and containers are used to ship our B+ cleanse? Used at our retail shop?

At Biologic+ we believe in reducing our environmental impact.  Our PET bottles and containers are manufactured in the U.S. with FDA approved materials and contain no BPA.   Most of our containers consist of 25% or more post consumer recycled plastic and others are biodegradable which can be composted. Please recycle and/or compost when you are done with your cleanse.  See bottom of each container.  

Are B+ juices pasteurized?

No.  Our juices are cold-pressed.  Never heated!

They are as raw as they can be, which means they do not have any type of additives and/or preservatives to extend their shelf life.  We are all for the natural stuff and we bring it to you in its most interesting and nutritious state ‘RAW'.  No pasteurization, nor high pressure pascalization (HPP) here! 

Is Biologic+ an all Organic company? GMO free?

Yes. All our produce/food is Organic and free of Genetically Modified Organisms.  We are currently working towards getting our USDA organic certification.

I am allergic to gluten, can I do the B+ cleanse?

Of course! We are gluten free.  Our products are 100% vegan.

I am allergic to nuts. Can you replace the nut milk in your menu for something else?

Of course! We understand your concern. You can let us know in our ‘Special Instructions’ box upon finalizing your order and we’ll swap it for another juice that will meet the B+ cleansing regimen.  Please keep in mind that it is all made in the same production area.

Can I do the B+ cleanse if I am lactose intolerant?

Absolutely! We are 100% vegan.  No animal products used.

Can I lose weight by doing a B+ cleanse?

The simple answer to this question is Yes.  However, the caloric content of our cleanse line varies depending on the Tier you choose and your daily caloric needs.  Please remember that the main goal of our nutritional B+ cleanses is to give your digestive system a break and help in the elimination of toxins from your body allowing for cells to regenerate.

Can I engage in a B+ cleanse or consume B+ raw juice/food if I suffer from a medical condition such as diabetes, have an illness or weak immune system? If I’m pregnant? If I’m an elder? What about children?

By law we need to warn people in general that "THIS PRODUCT HAS NOT BEEN PASTEURIZED AND, THEREFORE, MAY CONTAIN HARMFUL BACTERIA THAT CAN CAUSE SERIOUS ILLNESS IN CHILDREN, THE ELDERLY, AND PERSONS WITH WEAKENED IMMUNE SYSTEMS.”  Please consult with your physician.  We are not responsible for your actions.  Use your own judgment. 

What time will my juice cleanse arrive?

We deliver via USPS Mail Express guaranteed by 12PM the next day.  Depending on your location, your B+ cleanse may arrive by noon or before 3pm.  You will receive a tracking number via email so you can check your order progress on REMEMBER, A PERSON MUST BE AVAILABLE TO RECEIVE THE DELIVERY AND MUST REFRIGERATE UPON ARRIVAL! WE DO NOT REQUIRE SIGNATURE FOR DELIVERY OF OUR JUICE CLEANSES.

What if my delivery is running late?

If your delivery is having some delays due to mother nature, or anything outside of our control and you are a little hungry, please snack on some raw fruits or raw veggies.

What kind of packaging is used to ensure the freshness of my B+ cleanse? 

Our juices and raw food are delivered in insulated liners along with gel packs made especially to transport perishable temperature-sensitive goods. There, they will be well protected and chilled to about 40 degrees until you receive them.  Please unpack as soon as you get a hold of the box and place your B+ juices/raw meals in the fridge.  Please save your insuliners and gel packs as they may be used many more times! :-) We encourage you to start your cleansing experience the very same day your juices/raw meals arrive or the following morning if that works better for you.   Please consume all juices and raw food within 4 days of their arrival.

Can I START my B+ cleanse the next day after it arrives?

Yes.  Feel free to start your cleanse the next morning after you receive the product.  Please consume all juices and raw food within 4 days of their arrival.  

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