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(Tuesday through Friday)

Thanks for your interest in our cleanses! Biologic+ delivers to the EAST COAST as far South as Washington, DC and as far North as Maine via USPS Mail Express Shipping ONLY.  By doing so, we are able to preserve the freshness and integrity of our cleanses.  States we ship to include:

  • NEW ENGLAND / NORTHEAST: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey
  • MID-ATLANTIC: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.


Our juices and raw foods are delivered in insulated liners along with gel packs made especially to transport perishable temperature-sensitive goods. There, they will be well protected and chilled to about 40 degrees until you receive them.  Please unpack as soon as you get a hold of the box and place your B+ juices/raw meals in the fridge. Please save your insuliner and gel packs as they may be used many more times! :)

We encourage you to start your cleansing experience the very same day your juices/raw meals arrive or the following morning!  Please consume all juices and raw food within 4 days of their arrival. 

Our Biologic+ Northeast Delivery Schedule works as follows:

  • Northeast deliveries are conducted Tuesday through Friday.  These are strategic days chosen to allow us to conduct business efficiently. Please read carefully:
  • A 1-Day or 3-Day Cleanse requires one delivery only, which will arrive the day you have selected to START your cleansing experience.  You may choose to START this particular cleanse any day Tuesday-Friday. Note that in the event of a holiday, your START Date will default to the next available day.
  • A 5-Day Cleanse requires two deliveries — one on the first morning of your cleanse and another delivery on the 3rd morning for the two remaining days.  For this particular cleanse, please select either Tuesday or Wednesdayas your START Day. This is primarily to ensure that you get the second delivery on Thursday or Friday depending on the START Day you selected so that your 5-Day cleanse is not interrupted. Please note that in the event of a holiday, your START DATE will default to the next available day. For example, If you are to start a cleanse on a Tuesday and Monday was a holiday, your default day to START is Wednesday.   Please be aware of this alternative and plan accordingly.
  • Our Pre/Post cleanse raw meals can be delivered daily, Tuesday through Friday.  Coming Soon!
  • In general, you may place your order any day/time throughout the week via our Biologic+ website.  Our web system will let you select the next available day for you to START your cleanse or Pre/Post cleanse raw meals.  Remember, we only deliver Tuesday-Friday, so please follow the Special Instructions if doing a 5 day cleanse (choose either Tuesday or Wednesday as your START DAY) since they require two deliveries.  Thanks! 

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