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Biologic+ was in Carlos’ head for a while but he needed more than just a cool idea to make it happen. After spending a good amount of time thinking about his next step in life, he realized that sabbaticals are a gift. They give the time & space for brainstorming, exploring, and finding your true passions; passions that mean more than all the money in the world.  

Still, sometimes you need to share ideas to bring them to life. Through conversations and casual meetings, Carlos found a business partner who understood his intentions with Biologic+ and also shared his aspirations. This partner is Courtney – and together with Biologic+, they bring experience, passion, health, and dedicated minds to living well & enjoying life!

Carlos Andres Reyes, Founder

National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT , Precision Nutrition Certified Coach


Carlos founded BioLogic+ with the mission of creating a new and unique company that brings together fresh-pressed juices, raw foods, and bio-intensive farming, to provide the most nutritious foods available in one cleansing experience.  After 12 years of experience working one-on-one with hundreds of clients in Manhattan, and personally witnessing optimal results when incorporating physical training and nutrition into a comprehensive program, BioLogic+ is the next step in Carlos’ personal evolution.  

Carlos found that most, if not all, of his clients were burning the candle at both ends, and rarely took time to reset their energy levels and mental outlook. It is for this reason that Carlos began researching and crafting a unique cleansing program, designed with proper caloric intake and macro and micro nutrients, to support an active lifestyle while also giving clients’ bodies and minds a needed break.  Biologic+ cleanses were born out of desire and passion to provide nutrient-packed and delicious liquid and solid meals to help cleanse your body and feed your soul! 

Carlos enjoys life with his beautiful wife, Alison, and playful son, Sebastian, who have brought him more joy that he could have imagined! Being a father is Carlos’ favorite and most rewarding job, and he looks forward to raising Sebastian in the healthiest way possible.

Salud and enjoy! 

Courtney DeBlasio, Founder

200 Hour RYT, Yoga Instructor

Courtney is passionate about empowering people to live powerfully!   A certified Yoga instructor and dedicated practitioner, she maintains that we all have access to a life we love, but we need a healthy body and mind to get there. It’s important that we adopt regular cleansing practices to stay on track. Biologic+ is Courtney’s answer to providing busy people with simple, delicious cleansing solutions.

A New York City resident for almost a decade, Courtney felt the negative effects the ‘fast’ life had on her ability to enjoy life. She adopted a regular Yoga practice of daily meditation and Asana and a plant-based diet that includes regular juice and raw food cleanses and never looked back. Biologic+ comes from Courtney’s desire to share her passion for nutrition and kind, sustainable living with others to cultivate healing and health in her community and beyond.

Courtney currently lives in Northern Connecticut by the trees and the sea. When she’s not teaching or practicing at her local studio she’s with her beloved pet and ‘bff’, a mini Aussie named Cooper. Courtney also volunteers weekly as a teacher for Recovery Yoga ( She is working towards additional Yoga teaching certification through the Baptiste Institute and she hopes to open her own studio some day.

loka samasta sukhino bhavantu

(may all beings everywhere be happy and free)

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